React, Redux, Angular, GraphQL: High-quality JS solutions; affordable contractor rates

Crates.Media: What We Do React, Redux, Angular, GraphQL: High-quality JS solutions; affordable contractor rates
Bespoke JavaScript Solutions for Angular, React, Redux and GraphQL

What We Do

React, Redux, Angular, GraphQL: High-quality JS solutions; affordable contractor rates

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Crates Media has permanently altered the theory of user-first development.
If that may seem impressive to you, that’s because it is! We enable your business to grow in the virtual space. We enhance the ability of all models to deliver: via desktop, mobile, tablet and cell phones. Is it more important for something to be 60/24/7/365 or to be next-generation, and extensible? Why should you need to trade one for the other? Crates Media makes certain that you get a quality, user-first experience, available with “nine-nines” uptime, developed swiftly and easily extended as your business and its needs grow.

We think we know that it is better to optimize your existing solution strategically than to try and build everything from scratch.
The metrics for user interfaces aren’t always well-understood if they are not world-class. What does it really mean to harness “virtual” verticals? It means delivering a return on your investment, regardless of delivery medium. If that means we have to extend your current solution rather than building a new one, we’re fine with that! It often delivers the best value when doing a cost-benefit analysis.

Crates Media is the industry leader of sexy ROI metrics.
Without ROI metrics, you will lack clear insight into the performance of your virtual marketing solution. The metrics for e-services are more well-understood if they are not affiliate-based; rather, you need metrics customized to your business practice, and delivered in real-time. Our 24/7/365, global branding and newbie-proof platform is always considered an amazing achievement by our clients. It comes off as astonishing, but it’s true!

We synthesize “open-source” tech to deliver your solution at minimal cost.
What does the buzzword “media sourcing” really mean? The niche’s factor can be summed up in one phrase: leveraging others’ efforts. Our feature set is unparalleled, but our global re-sizing and simple configuration is often considered a remarkable achievement.

Crates Media is the industry leader of holistic initiatives: one code base, multiple verticals.
Your business needs to be able to communicate across multiple verticals: on the user’s cell phone, on their laptop, their iPad or Android tablet, and perhaps some day soon on other smart devices. What does the commonly-accepted industry jargon “Internet of Things” really mean? Think extensible. Our functionality is unmatched, but our granular re-sizing and user-proof operation is frequently considered a terrific achievement. Most user-centric web sites use far too much unnecessary markup (HTML and often bundling bloated libraries that aren’t necessary). We enable our experiences with the right use of lightweight JS frameworks to create dynamic, user-first experiences, whether in AngularJS, React, Redux, GraphQL, Polymer, Web Components or other technologies. The power to transition compellingly leads to the power to grow dynamically.

We synthesize your top qualities to enable the ability of e-businesses to implement solutions.
Have you ever been unable to recontextualize your feature set, without building everything from the ground up? We pride ourselves not only on our functionality, but our easy administration and user-proof operation. Our technology takes the best aspects of server and client technologies, to create a hybridized experience that your users will love.

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