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Innovative, passionate and creative, Crates Media is a web and application design studio based out of Norwalk, CT. Our staff commit to professionalism when developing websites, applications, marketing slicks, promotions and graphic design.  

Our Team

At Crates Media, our team is our family!

  • Libby Corcoran

    Graphic Designer
    A life long student of the arts, Libby’s skills are matched only by her passion for the craft. With an intamate knowledge of color theory she is able to create beautiful pallets effortlessly. Narutal instinct combined with her knowledge of design practices allow her to craft elegant structures that flow seemlessly for a truly immersive online experience.

  • Robert Giovinozzo

    Application Architect | SEO analyst | Advertising Researcher
    Adept with React and Redux, among other Javascript libraries, Rob takes the lead on web application and custom software development. Acute attention to detail, thirst for knowledge and passion for percision help him to create innovative and intuitive applications that are sure to exceed expectations

  • Elliot Gallagher

    Developer | SEO Analyst | Advertising 
    Elliot is adept in the fields of market research and lead generation making him the perfect candidate to help expand your online presence. Passionate and persistant, he is able to take any business to the next level and allow clients to feel at ease about the future of their online marketing campagins. His unrivaled strategies will help you to leave your competitors in the dust.

  • Michael “Crates” McDade

    Founder | Owner | Operator
    Between closing over 200 SEO contracts and working for several Fortune 100 companies, there are few problems that Michael cannot find an elegant solution to. With the confidence of over twenty years behind the keys, he leads our team with passionate dedication to the craft!

Our Services

Custom Software | Web / Mobile Apps | CMS Sites | Digital Marketing | Search Engine Optimization | Web Hosting

Do you have a great idea for a new app? Or perhaps you’re looking to build a website for your business? Look no further; Crates Media has you covered! Our team of web developers have just what you need to break into the online market. From CMS websites to fully customized coded applications, our highly

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Your digital problems require creative solutions. Backed by a cumulative 25 years of programing experience, our team can design custom solutions for all of your business’ online needs. Utilizing Javascript frameworks such as Angular, React.js and Redux, we deliver elegant applications that exceed expectations. Contact us today to discuss next steps! You can reach us

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Once you have your website up and ready for business, you need somewhere to put it! Here at Crates Media, we can handle that. Contact our team today to learn about our web hosting options to find the right plan for your business. You can reach us by phone at  844-CR8S-NET (844-278-7638) or fill out

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Let us help you to expand the online presence of your business. Our team of experts has spent years bringing small businesses into the spot light with online marketing, advertising and search engine optimization techniques. Let us get you more business today! Fill out the contact form below and a member of our team will

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When you think of big companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google, you usually recognize them by their logo. We can help you make a lasting, memorable impression on your customers by supplying visually stunning designs. Graphics, icons and more, our team works with you to come up with the best visual representation of your brand. Contact

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What People Are Saying


  • “[Their] knowledge of JavaScript in all its forms is unmatched, seriously. Add to this a very knowledgeable appreciation of visual design and business, making them truly a unicorn in the development world. Their ability to hit the ground running with new technologies (such as React) and quickly push production-ready code is nothing short of stunning.”

    Ciaran F., TestReach

  • “Lots of expertise when it comes to Front End Development: Javascript, ES6, Webpack, CSS, HTML or any kind of library. You name it, you are in safe hands.”

    Santosh E., Subway Restaurants

  • “[E]xtremely knowledgable about the craft, and spares no attention to detail when it comes to completing a project. Would enjoy working with Crates again in the future in some capacity!”

    Pete M., Subway Restaurants

  • “Very knowledgeable about the craft and passionate about the work. Willing to step in, in a pinch.”

    Conrad B., Subway Restaurants

  • “[T]he best candidate to start any project… fast and smart. You’ve just thought about something and it is already done.”

    Otabek K., OppenheimerFunds

  • “[W]izard in UI who conceives and executes exceptional front-ends using the latest in responsive design, CSS styling and UI packages. With these and an immense passion for User Experience enables Crates to convert any proposed wire-frame to an operational website in a breeze.”

    Debanit D., OppenheimerFunds

  • “It’s rare to come across a person as talented and dedicated as Crates. Over the past year I had the luxury of working closely with Crates on Gartner Peer Insights. His work ethic, leadership, and ability to step up to any challenge is second to none. When things needed to get done or fires needed to be put out, he was the go-to in everyone’s mind.”

    Gene D., Independent Contractor

  • Michael McDade or “Crates” as I’ve have come to know him, is an incredibly talented and intelligent Front-End Application Lead. The word “impossible” doesn’t exist in his vocabulary, and every challenge is met with expectations exceeded. He is a valued asset to any organizations needing fast, efficient, bleeding-edge front end dev help.

    Anthony G., Producer @ Gartner

  • “Energetic, reflective, and eager to assert ideas and options to solve interesting problems. [B]road forays into music, arts, and social groups lends a unique flair for out-of-the-box thinking and a colorful perspective in any conversation. Crates has a love for learning and dedication to web application engineering.”

    Eric M., Test Manager @ Gartner

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  • Curran Consulting

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  • Elite Solar's website homepage

    Elite Solar Website and SEO / Marketing Campaign

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About Crates Media

Crates Media is a creative web design and application studio based in Norwalk, CT. We are a small group of innovative designers who aren’t afraid to think outside the box. A collaborative approach allows each member of our team to support one another to deliver high quality user experiences. We serve a variety of clients

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Crates Media Methodology

Our agile full-stack developers believe in following good processes to get great results! • Allowing highly-skilled resources to be distributed remotely, to decrease costs to the customer • Pairing our on-site junior and senior devs to share knowledge, break down silos and cross-train • Following agile methodology to the letter, with close attention to velocity

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Crates Media: Website and Application Design

Crates Media is dedicated to being your *first* choice when you need app or web development, Internet marketing, graphic design and every type of media created and promoted.

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