Profile shot of Cairan

Ciaran F., TestReach

“[Their] knowledge of JavaScript in all its forms is unmatched, seriously. Add to this a very knowledgeable appreciation of visual design and business, making them truly a unicorn in the development world. Their ability to hit the ground running with new technologies (such as React) and quickly push production-ready code is nothing short of stunning.”

profile photo of Debanit

Debanit D., OppenheimerFunds

“[W]izard in UI who conceives and executes exceptional front-ends using the latest in responsive design, CSS styling and UI packages. With these and an immense passion for User Experience enables Crates to convert any proposed wire-frame to an operational website in a breeze.”

Gene D., Independent Contractor

“It’s rare to come across a person as talented and dedicated as Crates. Over the past year I had the luxury of working closely with Crates on Gartner Peer Insights. His work ethic, leadership, and ability to step up to any challenge is second to none. When things needed to get done or fires needed

Anthony G., Producer @ Gartner

Michael McDade or “Crates” as I’ve have come to know him, is an incredibly talented and intelligent Front-End Application Lead. The word “impossible” doesn’t exist in his vocabulary, and every challenge is met with expectations exceeded. He is a valued asset to any organizations needing fast, efficient, bleeding-edge front end dev help.

Eric M., Test Manager @ Gartner

“Energetic, reflective, and eager to assert ideas and options to solve interesting problems. [B]road forays into music, arts, and social groups lends a unique flair for out-of-the-box thinking and a colorful perspective in any conversation. Crates has a love for learning and dedication to web application engineering.”